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Atomic Bubble - Jan Kalab solo show

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Saturday, 30 November 2019 to Sunday, 26 January 2020
Saturday, 30 November 2019 - 6:30pm

MAGMA gallery is pleased to present "Atomic Bubble", second solo show by Jan Kaláb, from 30 November 2019 to 26 January 2020.
In fact, after the success of 2017, the gallery spaces will once again welcome the work of one of the biggest names in world urban abstraction.
All the works exhibited were made specifically for the exhibition. Among these, the public will be able to appreciate both a careful selection of pictorial works among which we point out "Atomic Bubble Blue", icon of the exhibition and by many enthusiasts already considered as an important turning point for the style of Kaláb, and the great sculpture " Honor to Brancusi ”, in perfect balance between the elegance of the forms and the pop language. In the other pictorial compositions exhibited, it will be possible to appreciate, at a level that is perhaps still unpublished due to control and maturity, the typical characteristics of his style, or the dynamism of shapes that recall cells, drops or planets, the hypnotic chromatic fluidity and the wise capable shades to create a perceptive illusion of three-dimensionality.

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In 2018, the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens in Florida dedicated a retrospective to Jan Kalab entitled "Soul of Graffiti", with a focus on sculpture. In 2017 in Krakow, Poland, his works are exhibited through the public project Abstract Forum, along with those of other big names such as Nelio, the Italian Moneyless and Remi Rough among others, offering the public a broad look at the current evolution abstract urban art. In the same year MAGMA gallery presents its first solo show in Italy, entitled "Zooom". In 2015 he exhibited at the MAXXI in Rome, Italy, participating in the collective exhibition "Et Cetera", an exhibition dedicated to contemporary communist post-regime Czechoslovakian art. In 2011, after taking part in the first "Biennal de Graffiti Fine Art" at the MUBE Museum in São Paulo, Brazil, he exhibited at the MASP museum in the same city.

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His pictorial journey, begun in the 1990s in Prague, wants to immediately break the greyness of the then iron curtain through urban pictorial interventions with the brightest colors, used in the streets, on the asphalt, as a claim to a different world, of a strong and irreverent "I", also through the first sculptures, similar to pigeons, which surprise and observe passers-by from the most remote corners. This is street art initially for Kalab. Over the years his style will be refined, going through writing and installations of enormous dimensions to get to take an interest in increasingly circular pictorial forms, almost like letters that blend together and give off strength, friction and energy in doing so. From this simple and effective intuition, another phase of his research begins. A pictorial energy that over time will modify the shapes and frames before perfectly circular, bending them, breaking them down, thus creating compositions like the ones you can see in the exhibition, perfect and mature examples of this great artist.

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via Santo Stefano, 164. Bologna

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