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International Eco-artist and Philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk for India Art Fair 2022





Sunday, 1 May 2022
Thursday, 28 April 2022 - 10:00pm

The Collaborative Power of Art & Jewellery

India’s Most Iconic Jewellery brand, DIACOLOR, Partners with International Eco-artist and Philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk for India Art Fair 2022

Included in their booth for this year’s India Art Fair, DIACOLOR Fine Contemporary

Jewels taps the talents of philanthropist, environmentalist, and eco-artist Natalia Kapchuk to showcase select pieces from her latest series, The Lost Planet, debuting last October in London, UK, alongside their handcrafted jewel pieces and rare gemstones for the upcoming event. The DIACOLOR booth, featuring the talents of artist Natalia Kapchuk, at the India Art Fair, will run from 28 April until 1 May 2022.

One may ponder, what do the worlds of precious jewellery making and environmentally centered artworks have in common? —the answer is quite simple. What better exemplifies the sheer majesty and wonder of planet Earth than the remarkable process of natural gemstone formation and the art of their implementation.

Similar to the creation of The Lost Planet series by artist Natalia Kapchuk and the highly trained craftsmen and women of DIACOLOR, the pair share a meticulous attention to detail in their works; Natalia, in her mission to express the alarming concerns plaguing the Earth, like anthro- pogenic impacts on ecosystems, in the best way for public resonance, and DIACOLOR’s masterful artistry and technique producing the highest level of result for their clientele.

Artist Natalia Kapchuk powerfully evokes the sentiment of natural marvels in her artworks, depicting the need for environmental appreciation, protection, and awareness, utilizing a variety of unique mediums such as resi-crete, reclaimed woods and plastic, metallic grit, natural stones and crystals, diamond dust, etc. Likewise, DIACOLOR Fine Contemporary Jewels gather and enhance the already breathtaking creations of the Earth, crafting unique pieces of wearable art. Two pioneers in creative expression, both focused on highlighting the beauty and awe of our planet for the masses to see.

The foundation of DIACOLOR Fine Contemporary Jewels derives from a respected family, spanning three generations of gemstone merchants, yielding global acclaim. To this point, such a rich history of wisdom and understanding is what sets DIACOLOR apart from its competitors.

At DIACOLOR, we aren’t dabbling in reproductions or traditional pieces. We are focused on creating original and distinctive designs.

— Creative Director, Rishabh Tongya.

For Creative Director Rishabh Tongya, the allure and captivation of gemstones are an extension of his early childhood, developed from the achievements of his family’s establishment.

Similar to Rishabh, Natalia Kapchuk’s artistic prowess stems from her childhood. Early on, Kapchuk took a particular interest in the arts, as she started her career making small ceramic sculptures for sale at local art fairs at the young age of six. Later on, this newfound skill grew into a passion for expression, as she now creates with the influencing power of art, embedding crucial messages within each piece.

As an artist conscious of the world around us, Natalia Kapchuk utilizes her captivating artworks to spread much-needed awareness regarding the environment and its protection, as seen in her solo exhibition debut, The Lost Planet (2021), at Unit X art space in London.

Art has a way of piercing the soul, speaking to those places we often lock away. Through the power of my art, I want to open those doors, uncovering emotions and glimmers of hope that there is always an opportunity to improve the environmental status of our beloved planet.

— Artist, Natalia Kapchuk

A fitting stage for maximizing attention toward masterful craftsmanship and awareness and pro- tection of the Earth, the booth of DIACOLOR Fine Contemporary Jewels, complimented by the environmentally centered artworks of Natalia Kapchuk, will take on the world stage of the India Art Fair 2022.

Since its inception in 2008, the India Art Fair has been the leading platform for discovering mod- ern and contemporary art forms from South Asia, shining a light on the region’s thriving cultural landscape. Showcasing timeless creations carved in precious metals and majestic stones like Mozambican rubies, Zambian emeralds, and Caribbean amethysts, the designs of DIACOLOR will be accompanied by the artworks Ice Shelter (2020) and Heart of the Ocean (2021) by Eco-artist and Philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk.

With the selection of these two works, Kapchuk found it important to highlight the dire conse- quences of increased global temperatures and its aftereffects.

Inspired by the remarkable Himalayan Mountains, also known as the world’s ‘Third Pole,’ Ice Shelter (2020) represents the fragility of glaciers in the Himalayas, which are melting at an un- precedented rate. Such an increase in melting speed causes several dangers like flooding, electri- cal shortages, and the destruction of crops, disrupting the lives of the nearly two billion people living in the surrounding areas.

Similarly, Heart of the Ocean (2021) also focuses on the growing concern of rising temperatures. In its creation, artist Natalia Kapchuk depicts the horrifying outcomes left for future generations, emphasizing the importance of preserving our precious “kingdoms of polar ice.” Kapchuk asserts 

that implementing protective actions requires immediate attention to avert threats of coastal changes, floods, and further disasters.

Both pieces utilize a unique technique of fiberglass construction and chrome elements in their creation, perfect for accentuating the shimmering treasures of DIACOLOR Fine Contemporary Jewels.

The booth of DIACOLOR Fine Contemporary Jewels at the India Art Fair, featuring the talents of artist Natalia Kapchuk, will run from 28 April until 1 May 2022.

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Artist ( Description ): 

Natalia Kapchuk’s environmentally centered mixed-media works tap into the unbridled beauty of our planet juxtaposed to the destructive forces of human activity and the impacts they have on these majestic lands and oceans. Adorned with natural elements and the innovations of the 21st century, Kapchuk con- structs her art pieces with the intention of highlight- ing the ongoing war between man and nature, often painting opposing scenes of wonder with the harsh realities of today. The use of vibrant colors and uniquely selected materials of the artist have a penetrating effect on the psyche, often leaving observers in a state of action and self- reflection.

Natalia Kapchuk was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Early in her childhood, she took a particular interest in the arts, as she started her career making small ceramic sculptures for sale at local art fairs at the young age of six. Inspired by her mother, an artist and sculptor herself, Kapchuk gradually learned the basics of sculpting ceramics. Naturally, art school became the next stage in this developing artist’s progression, where she studied art history, drawing, painting, and composition. Broadening her interests, Kapchuk later studied foreign languages and international politics, receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Ural State Uni- versity in Yekaterinburg, Russia, majoring in International Relations. After graduation, she left her birth- place of Russia to explore the globe, garnering inspiration for her future art projects.

To further her education within the arts, Kapchuk completed additional courses at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2017, followed by The Chelsea College of Arts in London, UK. Now an internationally acclaimed artist, Natalia Kapchuk is dually based between Dubai (UAE) and London (UK), where she spends most of her time.

Favoring the technique of mixed-media assemblage, Natalia is known to construct her works with a combination of mediums, often featuring reclaimed, natural, and industrially resourced materials such as tree bark, sand, natural stones, clothe, fermented moss, polymers, resi-crete, gilding, metal chips, plastic, etc.

Gathering inspiration from the wonders of nature, Natalia Kapchuk explores the world, paying close at- tention to pressing global issues like environmental concerns caused by anthropogenic impacts. These observations have a heavy influence on her creative approach and aesthetic. Kapchuk is an ambassador at The Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion and Sports (UK), an ambassador for the Better World Fund (BWF), and a philanthropist supporting charities and organizations dedicated to protecting the lands and oceans of the world.

Her works have been included in many group exhibitions like: Anima Mundi International Art Festival, Venice (2019)London Contemporary, The Line Gallery, London (2019)Submergence, Jack Straw Cul- tural Center, Seattle (2021); and such digital projects as Emerging Scene Art Prize, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (2021).

The debut of her first solo exhibition The Lost Planet (2021) took place at Unit X Art Space in London, UK. This Fall The Lost Planet video installation will be showcased at Château de Crémat, Nice. Selected pieces from The Lost Planet series will be displayed at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art - CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

Venue ( Address ): 

NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla, Delhi, India 110020

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