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When is enough enough? | Christoph Bucher (Dusseldorf)




Saturday, 4 November 2017 to Friday, 22 December 2017
Saturday, 4 November 2017 - 6:00pm to 11:00pm

>> Opening: Saturday, November 4, 2017, starting 6pm
in presence of the artist

>> Finissage: Friday, December 22, 2017, starting 7pm
Artist Talk with hot wine and cookies: Sibylle Feucht, artist and founder of DAS ESSZIMMER, Bonn in conversation with Christoph Bucher, Dusseldorf


>> press release
>> invitation


Christoph Bucher (Dusseldorf) presents in his solo show When is enough enough? a selection of works from recent years.

The classical panel in painting, in the form of untreated plywood, is not only an image carrier for Christoph Bucher, but with his own random grain, also an essential part of both the working process and the finished painting. – The grain of the wood, becomes – sometimes more, sometimes less – part of the image composition which develops by placing one thin layer of water colour over the other. – The grain of the wood fuses with the water colour layers or opposes them. Within this, finding and discovering, not searching or constructing, are forming the core of Christoph Bucher’s work processes.

Initially working only in monochromatic layering’s of grey, Christoph Bucher introduced more and more colours over the last 2 years.

Interlaced, partly crystalline, partly woody, absurd and unknown spaces arise from the color layers and superimpositions, which constantly request to be conquered again and again by the eye of the observer and escape a final vision or recognition.

Curator :

Artist ( Description ): 

1973 born in Lucern (CH), Christoph Bucher lives and works since 1995 in Dusseldorf (GER), where he studied at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf under Alfonso Hüppi and Helmut Federle. He was Meisterschüler of Alfonso Hüppi and he received his Akademiebrief under Helmut Federle.

Other Info: 

solo shows (selection since 2011)
2017 Wann ist genug genug?, DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+, Bonn (GER) | 2015 Gallery Matthias Erntges, eigensinnige Beharrlichkeit, Dusseldorf (GER) | 2013 raum, im, Dusseldorf (GER) | 2012 atelier Olschinsky, Spiel mit den Spielregeln, Vienna (AT) | DreiGiebelHaus Xanten, Bilder, Xanten (GER)

group shows (selection since 2011)
2017 Museum Kunstpalast, die GROSSE, Dusseldorf (GER) | 2016 SPAM, Bacon & Spam, Dusseldorf (GER) – with Klaus Schmitt, Imi Knoebel and Tim Cierpiszewski | Trabanten, dritter Akt, Dusseldorf (GER) – with Max Sudhues and Franziska Furter | Kunstverein Koelnberg (Kirschenpflücker e.V.), Rundblick reloaded, Cologne (GER) – curated by Julia Ritterskamp | Kunstverein Sundern-Sauerland, Konstruktiv vol 2, Sundern (GER) | Stadtgalerie Chur, matrix20 reloaded, Chur (CH) | Kunstverein Oberhausen, weissebescheid, Oberhausen (GER) | 2015 Galerie Matthias Erntges, der erste Blick, Dusseldorf (GER) | Jutta Kleinknecht Kunsthandel, Kontraste, Dusseldorf (GER) | Rappaz Museum, matrix20 reloaded, Basel (CH) | 2013 Kunstverein Sundern-Sauerland, Das ist ja ein Ding !, Sundern (GER) | plan d, teint (with Katarzyna Cudnik), Dusseldorf (GER) | 2011 Neonhalle.Zeitgenössische Kunst. Ausstellung, Bochum.2011, Bochum (GER)

Venue ( Address ): 

Mechenstrasse 25, 53129 Bonn (GER)

10/06/2023 to 11/25/2023
Becoming Landscape | Artist Talk
Reading: Body Images - a female perspective



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