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Marek Saenderski - Artistic Reality and Unreality in 3 Dimensions - Art based on three-dimensional photography




Because everyone goes there by Marek Saenderski, 3D photo composition, 137 x 100cm, Unikat

“art place berlin”, the forum for contemporary art, shows with this exhibition the large-sized, three-dimensional, photographic images by the Polish artist Marek Saenderski for the first time in Germany fom April 23rd until May 23rd.


For 20 years Marek Saenderski has been working with 3D - he started from 3D-photography but now he creates unique artistic 3D-compositions and established it as his means of artistic expression.


Now the technical progress of printing allows to show his impressive photographic work in large format pictures at an exhibition. Among the 40 works shown in the exhibition are unique surrealistic 3D-compositions next to motives which are inspired by his numerous photographic expeditions.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating 3D photo art of Marek Saenderski, - you get the required 3D glasses at the exhibition.

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Marek Saenderski

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art place berlin” is the forum for contemporary art and intercultural projects at the Park Inn by Radisson Berlin-Alexanderplatz. It offers the opportunity to encounter current international art to over 30,000 monthly guests and visitors. The changing exhibitions show artistic positions in painting, photography, and works on paper. The exhibitions can be visited daily from 9 am - 9 pm with free admission on the ground floor and the 1st floor.

Today, “art place berlin” looks back on more than 5 years of successful collaboration with artists, curators, and institutions.

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art place berlin - forum for contemporary art at the Park Inn by Radisson Berlin-Alexanderplatz

art place berlin , Berlin

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