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A day at Bahnhof Zoo / About visionaries, starchaser and further idealists

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Friday, 2 November 2018 to Tuesday, 13 November 2018
Friday, 2 November 2018 -
7:30pm to 11:00pm

Artist of the gallery

Hugo Stuber, painting

A day at Bahnhof Zoo
About visionaries, starchaser and further idealists

Opening: Friday, 2. November 2018, 7-11pm, the artist is present
Open: Tuesday - Saturday, 2-8pm
Exhibition: 2. - 13. November 2018

Do you recognize this intersection?
The gallery aquabitArt presents works by Hugo Stuber, created in a time (2015) that is already part of Berlin's history today. New brand worlds overlap with the old ones, which the market economy has already pushed out with unprecedented aggressiveness. Is this our city or a harbinger of augmented reality? ... Let's dream and rummage through the streets with the gait of a dancer - we may meet some more idealists ...

"Hugo Stuber's paintings portray urban landscapes that tell of the promise of good fortune in advertising strategies, science fiction characters, invulnerable superheroes, the quest for perfection that floods us with advertising slogans." Doris Knöfel

"I was a kid when I saw these colorful worlds for the first time while vacationing on the Catalan coast. I came from a very dark, gray, industrially and economically strong city, Bilbao, where there were no such color scenarios, but only in the amusement park. That's why these worlds seemed to me like the stage of a fantasy movie. When I grew up, I understood that they had nothing to do with toys, but claim to focus our attention on commercial purposes. I'm still interested in this conflict and that's why I've incorporated these fictive advertising worlds into the discourse and used them to escape from the weird real world into a new, fantastic reality. " Hugo Stuber, 2017

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"Hugo Stuber paintings and drawings go through one topic: Advertising. His paintings are ad-like; placative, explosive, loud. His topics are brought from advertising, his stylistic media come from the ones used in advertising like graphic design and illustration. The reproduction through the painting craft, transports the modern context into a classical, original environment and should be understood as a return.

Parts of ad-claims and slogans carry the connotation of idealistic and topical instances. Through its placing in the paintings they get touchable and reflect the illusion of advertising: untouchable instances and feelings of the individual get touchable and sold as a product.

Hugo Stuber’s colorful universe is the creation of an image, which is attached to the development of media and merchandising that creates the chaos of the cities."

Text: Linda Hardjanegara

+49 30 260 36 477

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Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin

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