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Eikoh Hosoe 'Barakei' at Galerie Eric Mouchet, Paris




Thursday, 27 October 2016 to Friday, 23 December 2016

Barakei is an erotic and morbid fable that is well known due to its provocative allusion to Mishima’s homosexuality and the despair of an immensly erudite author who refused the decline of his country and of his body. Barakei is incontestably Eikoh Hosoe’s masterpiece.

In Barakei, Mishima, always stripped bare, is alternatively captured in the kitschy gold setting of his home in Tokyo and in Hijikata’s deserted dance studio. The other shots pay tribute to his love for European Renaissance painting, and, in particular his very sensual iconography of the martyr Saint Sebastian.

Following on from his meet-up with the charismatic theatre creator Butoh Tatsumi Hijikata, Hosoe became known from 1961 for his superbly crafted book – Man and Woman – which transcends the boundaries of erotic art through its graphic over dramatization. Then, in 1963, Hosoe created the album Barakei – Killed by Roses with Yukio Mishima which put the scandalous author in the spotlight and lifted the photographer to immediate international notoriety.


“My ideal artist is an artist who has a real political or sociological
intention concerning the preoccupations of their era and
who is successful in doing so
by innovatively creating a discernible piece of work.”
Eric Mouchet


Exposition "Barakei" 
From 27 october to 23 décember 2016
opening thursday 27 October from 6pm


Other Info: 

Image credits from top to bottom:

© Eikoh HOSOE, Ordeal by Roses (from top to bottom #05, #32, #06) 1961, Ordeal by Roses, platinum-palladium printed at Hosoe’s studio in Karuitzawa in three series in 1988.

Exhibition view by Rebecca Fanuele.

Venue ( Address ): 
Galerie Eric Mouchet
45, rue Jacob - 75006 Paris
From Tuesday to Saturday - 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm
Communic'Art , Paris

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Eikoh Hosoe 'Barakei' at Galerie Eric Mouchet, Paris
10/27/2016 to 12/23/2016


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