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Alfred Freddy Krupa: Modern Ink Painting

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Wednesday, 6 November 2019 to Sunday, 1 December 2019
Wednesday, 6 November 2019 - 7:00pm

The Karlovac City Museum (GMK, est. 1904) in its Gallery department (Vjekoslav Karas Gallery) is organizing "Modern Ink Painting" (Moderno slikarstvo tušem in Croatian), a large one-man museum exhibition by the contemporary master of the New Ink Art Movement Alfred Freddy Krupa.

This line-up of the work originally entitled "Exhibition of Award-winning Drawings" includes selection of 53 works by this painter from 2012 to 2019, which is precisely the period in which this multidisciplinary artist experienced international affirmation and recognition for his many years of pioneering work as part of one of the most current and of one of the most interesting painting movements - New Ink Art, judging upon results today at the world auctions.

This exhibition selection contains a wide range of works from those of a small, intimate format over the traditional elongated rolls of thin mulberry/rice paper to a large "gallery" size ink on raw canvas. The motifs include landscapes, veduta, works inspired by Japanese wood-carvers, the current personal and social situation, nudes/figures and animals... His genuine unique interpretation of the various amalgamated art forms and styles creates a link between the established genre(s) and many new questions that concern contemporary art in general and in particular the New Ink Art movement. Often at the level of deep and symbolic significance.

The curated selection (Vranković, Goreta) of 53 New Ink Art ink works is on display, that fact makes this exhibition the largest one-man show of the Western New Ink Art movement in the world.

Krupa's inks can be found in significant museum collections such as the TATE Britain Library in London, the Modern Gallery (MG) in Zagreb, the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts (HAZU)- Cabinet of Graphics,the Orange Regional Art Gallery in Orange NSW-Australia, the Silesian Museum in Katowice in Poland and elsewhere.

His works have been presented and awarded on 6 continents and featured by various national and international media (from the USA to China), including major art and culture magazines such as the British Aesthetica and the Chilean bilingual Arte Al Limite.

The author of the installation is Aleksandra Goreta and of the preface is the art critic, art historian and archeologist Ante Vranković. The exhibition, including a bilingual (English-Croatian) catalog, was realized with the funds of the City of Karlovac.

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Alfred Freddy Krupa is a contemporary master of the New Ink Art Movement (Aesthetica Magazine, UK), who promotes and appropriates a powerful Eastern culture of ink drawing among Western countries.

Krupa's artistic style has been influenced by two major forces: the early years that he spent learning from his grandfather painter Alfred Krupa Sr. (1915-1989), academic study of painting at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts and postgraduate research in Japan, mastering the foundation of ink paintings, and, later, a political change in his homeland, Croatia, with a change of establishment, chaos, and social challenges. These circumstances transformed his style: from poetic subjects and picturesque landscapes into expressionism art, movements and intense use of color. Following the formal artistic tradition of the Eastern school that suggests painting in one continuous movement representing the flow of thoughts and emotions of the artist, Alfred Freddy Krupa combines it with the Western expressionism and creates his unique style and aesthetics. This new approach brought him popularity and recognition of art critics and collectors in Europe and the US.

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Ljudevita Šestića 3

Karlovac 47000


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Alfred Freddy Krupa: Modern Ink Painting
11/06/2019 to 12/01/2019


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