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The Illusory Stillness: A Solo Oil Painting Exhibition by Vadim Puyandaev

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Thursday, 25 November 2021 to Saturday, 25 December 2021
Thursday, 25 November 2021 - 6:00pm

The Illusory Stillness, an international online solo oil painting exhibition by Vadim Puyandaev opens on November 25 and will continue through December 25, 2021.

Vadim's oil paintings capture the ineffability of childhood, delight in the fantastic ordinary, awakening in the viewer flickers of recollection that float like dust on a shaft of light. As expressed in his statement, he is perpetually fascinated by movement—the perambulatory, dancing body, birds on the verge of flight, the transfer of light as it traverses and reflects varying surfaces—and images evoking this movement repeatedly emerge in his work. Form materializes naturally and unprovoked, from a childlike disregard and a willingness to follow blindly the movement of his hand across the canvas. Fine lines—scratches layered over contrasting chunky brushstrokes, daubs of light—unearth figures, suggestions of life in the dappled world of the painting.

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Vadim Puyandaev has worked as a painter, sculptor, and designer for almost thirty years and has been participating in multimedia performances / installations since 1994. His fine art has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Russia, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, France, Spain, Canada, and the US. He has also produced numerous pieces of monumental art. He is a founding member of the creative groups of artists Avy K (US), dedicated to investigating what emerges in performance at the nexus of different genres. He has been awarded by SOMArts, Stanford Arts Initiative, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Tourism in Israel, Salon des Leopards (Saint-Tropez, France) and is the recipient of the Grande Medaille Republique Francaise at the Festival Palmares des Blues en Peitute, France.

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