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Diary of a Nuyorican: A Solo Exhibition by Amanda Dorval

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Saturday, 27 November 2021
Saturday, 27 November 2021 - 6:00pm

Diary of a Nuyorican, an international online solo exhibition by Amanda Dorval opens on November 27 and will continue through December 27, 2021.

Amanda is a Latina artist, photographer, designer, and seven-year Air Force Veteran. Todos somos Taínos is a series that explores modern-day Puerto Rican and Dominican identity, especially as it relates to being an American, while examining the complex history of European colonialism in these two Caribbean countries. The series is composed of digital photographs mixed with digital painting and photocollage. After portrait photography, she hand draw a digital painting that overlays the subject. These digital paintings include motifs that come from Taíno, European Catholic, Middle Easter, and modern-day Caribbean visual cultures, which is reflective of the mestizaje (a mixing of race, ethnicity, and culture) that resulted from European colonialism.

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Amanda is a Latina artist, photographer, designer, and seven-year Air Force Veteran originally from NYC, now living in Maspeth, Queens. As an undergraduate at Barnard College of Columbia University, Amanda majored in art history. There, she also flourished in the pursuit of her second passion, language. While in the Air Force, she learned Arabic at the prestigious Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, CA. She is fluent in and regularly studies the Spanish, Italian, and Arabic languages, and also has some conversational skills in French, Greek and Japanese. She is currently a graduate student of library and information studies at Long Island University Post, where she is specializing in Rare Books and Special Collections as well as pursuing an advanced degree in Archives Management. She is currently interning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Watson Library and the Hispanic Society Museum and Library as a research fellow. She also has archival internship experience at the Brooklyn Museum and the Wildenstein Plattner Institute, and collections/publications experience at the Jewish Museum in New York City.

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