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Valentine 2023: A Group Exhibition to Share Love




Exhibition Type:

Tuesday, 14 February 2023 to Tuesday, 14 March 2023
Tuesday, 14 February 2023 - 6:00pm

Gallerium is pleased to announce the opening of Valentine 2023, a group exhibition to share love.

Visit the exhibition and share your comments at:

Artist ( Description ): 

Mirlan Kazakbaev, Bobby Jones, Linda Lansbury, Amanda Santiago, Anton Abela, Aranka Szekely, Claudia Wiebe, Deborah Thornberry, Don Fay, Joel Armstrong, Joy Gibson, Judith Sachs, Nancy Belle, Nina Luna, T Barny, Tracey Chipps, Terri Goidel Silver, Barbara Murak, Beth Tucker, David Shipley, Erin Davis, Humberto Salas, Jamie Gordon, Jason Norris, Jenna Germano, Judith Gentile, Judy Bjorling, Renée Szostek, Robin Rudolph, Stephanie Conti, Timothy Atseff, Kristina Khoperia, Clint Atkinson, Mona Söderblom, Kelly Altman, Aspen DeMonaco, Holly Goodwin, Larz Hagen, Heidi Bailey, Daniela Blanco, Maya Chachava, Rachelle Chin, Joan Cox, Christopher Coyle, Cathy Fields, Maddie Foss, Deborah Friedman, Katherine Fry, Maren Oom Galarpe, Ivan Gall, John Gerstner, Julie Harris, Maureen Kenney, David Kunisch, Debbie Lewis, Maggie Martin, Patrice Matthews, Nicole Meisberger, Mark Miller, Anastasia Miroshnykova, Jamie Lynn Moore, Gail Morrison-Hall, Christine Neill, Wendy Nycz, Cynthia Oakes, Amber Skye OBrien, Rebecca Ogun, Barbara Page, Patricia Palenschat, Cyndi Pedaggi, Kristina Ponomarenko, Linda Popp, Gloria Ruenitz, Wendy Ryals, Seth Sexton, Greg Urquhart, Patricia Walkar, Nancee Ward

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Participant Countries:
Kyrgyzstan, United States, United Kingdom, Malta, Hungary, Canada, Georgia, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine

Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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