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The Warmth of Visual Gluttony: An Exhibition by Aine O'Donnell



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Friday, 15 March 2024 to Wednesday, 15 May 2024
Friday, 15 March 2024 - 6:00pm

The Warmth of Visual Gluttony, an international online solo collage art exhibition by Aine O'Donnell opens on March 15, and will continue for two months until May 15, 2024.

Aine O'Donnell's collages are a testament to the multifaceted nature of the human mind. In a world where images flood our senses, she finds her artistic voice through this chaos, forming beauty within the madness. Her work distills the essence of existence by assembling pieces of the visual world and becomes a lens into her mind by utilizing the art of distraction to her advantage. The audience isn't meant to limit their focus to one thing, as she wants the viewer's eyes to jump around the piece and embrace the lack of simplicity. 

Visit this unique exhibition and walk into Aine's world at

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Aine O'Donnell is an Irish-American Artist based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. She grew up surrounded by visual and performing arts and always had an interest in chaotic and maximalist art styles. As a young adult she grew a fascination with the art of collage and its limitless possibilities.

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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