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River Running Free: An Exhibition by Christina Mitterhuber



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Saturday, 30 September 2023 to Thursday, 30 November 2023
Saturday, 30 September 2023 - 6:00pm

River Running Free, an international online solo painting exhibition by Christina Mitterhuber opens on September 30, and will continue for two months until November 30, 2023.

Christina Mitterhuber is an award winning Austrian artist. Her abstract paintings invites viewers to a mesmerizing journey of color and texture.

Visit this unique exhibition and walk into Christina's world at

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Christina Mitterhuber is an independent Austrian painter, born December 29, 1975, in Wels, who mainly lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She is also a professional make-up artist since 2001. Since her early childhood, she painted her first oil painting at the age of twelve, she painted over 1500 oil and mixed media paintings in different sizes on canvas.

She studied during countless museum and gallery visits worldwide, her favourite painters are old masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Monet, among others. She also lived some years in Australia and North America. She did not show her works to the public until 2018 when she held her first exhibition in one of the best galleries in Vienna. Since then, she has participated in over 100 group exhibitions and international art fairs, physically, virtually and online worldwide. She also held 4 solo exhibitions, physically and digitally, in Austria, Italy, the UK , and Canada since 2018. She got selected and participated in the XIII Rome Biennale 2020. Looking back, she feels happy to wait until she felt ready to show her work publicly.

Christina Mitterhuber was blessed to be an AD ART SHOW ARTIST 2022 AND 2021 by MvVO New York, selected by a panel of Jurors.

Since 2021 she has been a multiple Award-winning artist, such as "Dante Alighieri Award" by Arte in Cammino at the prestigious gallery "La Pigna", property of the Holy See, Vatican, Italy. Also by Arte in Cammino the "Capitolium Award 2022". More physical awards are the "Emerald Award 2021" and the "Top 60 Masters Award 2022" for which she visited the Award Ceremony in New York City in June 2022. And "Collectors choice Award 2022" (digitally) by Art tour international Magazine, New York. "Women Essence Award 2022", Paris. "Art for Peace Award", Barcelona. "Future Peace Award", by Contemporary Art Curator.

She got a certificate of Merit from "World of Crete", Greece in 2021. Further, two certificates of Merit by Monica Ferrarini, Rome, for participating in exhibitions at the gallery "La Pigna", Vatican, twice in 2021 and 2022. Monica Ferrarini also published Christina Mitterhuber´s works in two books, such as "Artists of today and tomorrow 2021" and "Capsule Art Collection 2022". Further publication in the "Power of Creativity 2022" art book by Contemporary Art Curator.

In the art book, which has been published every year since 1940: "Atlante dell`Arte Contemporanea 2021 / Art of Masters" her work "WE in RED XXVII"of her series "WE in RED. 2018 - 2022", which consists of one hundred paintings got published. Great interviews of her physical participations at exhibitions at Itsliquid Group got published , where she already participated a few times in Venice - The Room Contemporary Art Space close to San Marco Place and Palazzo Albrizzi Capello and at the Valid World Hall in Barcelona and in the UK, London since 2020.

In 2022 she was blessed with three Museum exhibitions by Adelinda Allegretti at: "Museo Colle del Duomo" in Viterbo, "Museo della Citta e del Territorio di Narni in Palazzo Eroli" in Narni and "CAM/ Casoria Contemporary Art Museum" in Casoria in Italy, with the Patronage of The Embassy of Austria.

She also showed a work at "Museo Diocesano Matteo" in Salerno by Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome, in 2022.

In October 2022 she participated at MIIT Museum, Turin, with two paintings.

In November 2022 she received the "Antonio Canova Award" by Arte in Cammino, at the most beautiful "Bibliotheca Angelica" in Rome.

In November 2022 she received the "Faces of Peace Price" by Contemporary Art Curator.

In November 2022 she participated in the XIV Rome Biennale.

She has already got invited and selected for the XIV Florence Biennale 2023.

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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