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My “UTOPIA” Confessions of an Ancestor: A Solo Exhibition by William Moore



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Sunday, 5 November 2023 to Friday, 5 January 2024
Sunday, 5 November 2023 - 6:00pm

My “UTOPIA” Confessions of an Ancestor, an international online solo sculpture and drawing exhibition by William Moore opens on November 05 and will continue for two months until January 05, 2024.

While walking outside in Paris,Texas, William T. Moore came across a very large oak tree filled with hundreds of blackbirds. They were singing and rustling their wings in a symphonic cacophony that by sheer volume was emotionally moving. In this moment William felt the magnificence of the blackbirds, including the Great Creator’s majesty, artistry, and gift. This was the beginning of an artistic path, followed by meditation and prayer that have become an important daily ritual to keep his mind at peace for opening a portal to his imagination. Thoughts of tranquility, he focuses in turning these expressions of love using the heart as subject matter to the sculptures and drawings he is presenting. The symbol of the heart begins that quality of expression that is so very much needed in today’s consciousness. William is attempting to change the worlds propensity towards violence in a meaningful way through his quest, artistry and future. A valuable artistic quest that is much required in today's world situation.

Visit this unique exhibition and walk into William's world at

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William T. Moore III was born in Decatur, Alabama. Portraits and the figure would lead him to work with Northern Ohio, monumental Life sculptor William M. McVey, but only after undergraduate school was completed at The Cleveland Institute of Art in 1984. While at the Institute, Mr. Moore developed his individual abstract voice through other materials investigations that would become so important to him throughout his life. After Mr. Moore's apprenticeship with various other Cleveland, Ohio artists. Moore enrolled in the master of Fine Arts, Sculpture Program at Kent State University, finishing in 1996. Mr. Moore is an abstract sculptor who has exhibited throughout the United States, Canada and Europe online and live in galleries.

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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