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Kassius Fine Art: A Solo Exhibition by Kassius Wilson



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Tuesday, 30 May 2023 to Friday, 30 June 2023
Tuesday, 30 May 2023 - 6:00pm

Kassius Fine Art, an international online solo exhibition by Kassius Wilson, opens on May 30, and will continue through June 30, 2023.

Kassius Wilson abstract empathic art begins from a meditative state as she picks up energies that flows through into an interpreted creation. Through this artistic process, the mind, the ego and the overthinking are taken out of the equation while she allows the flow take over her hands.

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A St. Louis native, I fell in love with art in childhood.

My abstract art begins from a meditative state. As an Empath I pick up energies and allow it to flow through into an interpreted creation. I have deemed this “Empathic Art”. It is taking the mind, the ego and the overthinking out of the equation and simply allowing the flow take over my hand.

It is rare that I begin with any preconceived notion of what is about to be created. The surprise of a completed work is that faces, whether human or animal, will often emerge without the conscious mind being aware during it's creation. Subconscious? Pareidolia? I do not know but there have been numerous episodes of my holding onto a painting or drawing without seeing the face within for quite some time. When it is acknowledged it can be a shock becoming aware of it's presence.

At age 13 the desire to make art overtook me and little else really mattered to me. It was my coping mechanism for dealing with a troubled childhood. However, I was a perfectionist and at age 15 or 16 I stopped painting because it was never completely perfect in my mind. I would not pick up a paintbrush again until just before my 50th birthday when I could no longer hold it in. That afternoon was spent frantically, furiously creating a large, abstract oil painting on canvas on a tarp covered living room floor. That painting was later accepted in an established gallery along with another that could no longer be tamed nor held within. My love of creating abstract began. Since then the flow hasn't stopped with the creation of nearly 1,000 pieces of art, most of which have never been shown, while the majority of displayed art resides within private collections throughout USA and the UK.

A large percentage of proceeds from sales go to my solo animal rescue project that has been ongoing for nearly 19 years. Maybe that's why the appear in my art so much. They all have a giant piece of my heart and speak through me.

Color is extremely important as it absolutely thrills me and it's allure and charm captivate me like nothing else. While I have been known to create very dark and foreboding paintings, color conveys a higher energy and it is my preference during meditation.

As a person stands before my work I would ask that they view it less as a sight and more as a feeling, with their heart. For that is the only way my message can truly be received.

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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