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A Distant Mirror: A Solo Exhibition by Sarah Banks



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Monday, 1 May 2023 to Wednesday, 31 May 2023
Monday, 1 May 2023 - 6:00pm

A Distant Mirror, an international online solo exhibition by Sarah Banks, opens on May 01, 2023, and will continue through May 31, 2023.

In late 2019, Sarah Banks began work on the first of what she envisioned as a series of large screen prints and title the series as "A Distant Mirror".

She was interested in using Greco-Roman myths as a way of framing contemporary events--war, climate change, racism, homelessness, addiction, civil unrest. The first work in the series was a 1.8m x 1.2 m multi-figure scene on raw canvas. She had just finished this piece when Covid closed the print shop where she work. Not imagining the year that would follow, she continued preparing for a return to the print studio. Two months later it was clear that would not happen soon. Then she rethought her project and made a fresh start. Over the next 12 months in her studio she created thirty discrete paper cut stories using simple tools--exacto blades and Fabriano paper. When the print shop did reopen, she was able to return to the large screen prints on canvas and complete her original plan--40 discrete works designed to cohere into an interactive whole.

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Sarah Banks is a Seattle based mixed media artist who creates bodies of work around a narrative. In 2017, she partnered with Seattle’s Gage Academy & Doctors Without Borders on a solo show at Gage’s Equinox Studio. Entitled Forced From Home, the show comprised 7 large paintings, 25 mixed media works and 12 intaglio portraits focused on the Middle East refugee crisis. Continuing with the theme of social upheaval and war, she completed A Distant Mirror in 2022, an assembly of print, painting, sculpture and clothing employing Greco/Roman tales to reflect on current events. A short video on the artist’s website explores the meaning of this collection. Two of the pieces featured at Seattle’s COCA/Center on Contemporary Art in Pioneer Square and the full collection was on view at Pratt Fine Arts Seattle for an Artist’s Talk and gallery show in March of 2022. She has a Solo Show scheduled with Biafarin/Toronto, CA online in April 2023.

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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