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When and Where; a Solo Exhibition by Mandana Kasraei

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Sunday, 26 July 2020 to Sunday, 30 August 2020

Mandana Kasraei, the Iranian born artist, presents When and Where, her new solo online exhibition, using Biafarin smart exhibitions technology. The show has opened on July 26 and will continue online until August 30, 2020.
Manada's new exhibition follows the path of her older artworks and focuses on people looking for a reason for being here, and by blurring her characters intentionally, she put these uncertainties of existence in front of our eyes to look deeper than what is seen in the surface.
In her statement, she writes: "People come for their needs and go or stay according to their chosen path. It is not clear to me where they came from, nor how long they stayed, nor where they went. They get closer to each other, they look at each other, each of them has their perception, feeling, personality, and history, and the eyes window is too small to see whatever is there. They take refuge in words, and I blur my eyes, not for not seeing or not to give in to lust. I fade them to find another path".
In the search for answering essential questions that have remained unanswered in centuries, Manada invites us to look again into them by showcasing people on her canvas that are unknown to us but are easily replaceable. 
Feel free to enter her mysterious world of paintings and try to rediscover yourself in her vague portraits of people at http://www.biafarin.com/whenandwhere

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