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The Other Self; a Solo Exhibition by Elham Ghorbani Shad

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Friday, 3 July 2020 to Saturday, 8 August 2020
Friday, 3 July 2020 -
4:00pm to 8:00pm

Elham Ghorbani Shad, painting artist, is exhibiting her new artworks from The Other Self Collection at Saye Art Gallery.
This spectacular exhibition showcases the artist's creative path in changing her self-portrait photos to paintings. It will run from July 03rd to 15th in the venue and continue online until August 08th, 2020, at http://www.biafarin.com/theotherself.
Like her other series, Elham's focus in The Other Self is women and the human condition in modern societies. This time, she has created photographs from herself and then composed them on canvas and then, through a creative path, transformed the selfies to painting. It is not anymore recognizable that the character in paintings is her; the artist, but it is worth saying that she is a symbol for women in new communities. As Farouk Mazloumi wrote in his statement for The Other Self exhibition, "Body is the purest display of oneself. In other presentations, we as human beings add covers and decorations to serve a purpose, be acceptable, or win others' affections." As Elham Ghorbani Shad showcased in her mixed media paintings, probably the freest pose, known to us, is when we are on our own, alone in our cozy rooms. Anything else, even the selfies we take, is for others, to be shared with someone else, to be accepted by others. Even in the presentational self-portrait, the painter may not recognize herself and meet the other one. The one in the photos or paintings is not us. It is The Other Self. 

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Elham Ghorbani was born in 1971 in Tehran, Iran

Art Category: Painting
Artistic Career since 2006

1990 - Graduated from Fine Arts School
1996 - Graduated from Azad University

1999- Winner of the Festival and the big city Exhibition
2009- Participant in Group Exhibition of Art Center Gallery
2013- Participant in Group Exhibition of Panjereh Gallery

Selected Exhibitions

2017- Solo Painting Exhibition in 26 Gallery
2017- Selected Artist for Florence Biennial, Italy
2017- Selected Artist for Art Fair Parma, Italy

Works Sold

Title: Untitled from The Other Self series
Artist: Elham Ghorbani Shad
Price: $400.00

Title: Untitled form The Other Self series
Artist: Elham Ghorbani Shad
Price: $700.00

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