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Opening of Exhibizone - Fall 2020: A Smart Group Art Exhibition

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Friday, 4 December 2020 to Saturday, 30 January 2021
Thursday, 10 December 2020 - 10:00am

Opening of Exhibizone Smart Online Art Exhibition Fall 2020

Exhibizone is pleased to announce its international fall show, a smart online exhibition with 100 contemporary artworks, opening on December 10, 2020, and remaining on view online through January 30, 2021.

In the autumn show, Exhibizone, the organizer of online smart exhibitions presents 74 talented artists from around the world using Biafarin technology to provide a unique experience for visitors allowing them to leave their reviews and comments for participant artists in the exhibition.

Exhibizone online smart group exhibition moves further and offers live statistical and analytical exhibition reports and visitors' feedback to artists to share the knowledge and data that has been missing to artists in the online art world.
Visit the exhibition and share your opinion at: https://www.biafarin.com/exhibizone2020fall

Artists in Exhibizone Fall 2020

Allison Armour, Shane Wiggs, Ann Huang, Matthew Schellenberg, Marie-Ange Ackad, Gregory Supple, Silvia Schmidtova, Xiangni Song, Michelle Marcotte, Gary Schwartz, Taraneh Mosadegh, Madeleine Schachter, Audrey Dowling, James DePietro, Jeanne Lauziere, Cesar Ceballos, Louise Laplante, Christopher Paul Brown, Fabian Caro, Janet Powers, Matthew Meyer, Xiao Faria daCunha, Barbara RydzRoss, ShiFen Liu, Clara Coleman, Jim Pearson, Alyssa Jameson, Victoria Pendragon, Anthony Watkins, Aparajita Sen, Robert Concienne, Modern Fossils, Steve Mason, Stan Resnicoff, Joe Tantillo, Nela Steric, Keith Buswell, Jason Bassels, Ronald Walker, Jon Cox, Karen Rothman, Lisa Freeman-Wood, Bette Kauffman, Jack Straton, Ashu Gera, Feng Jiang, Alder Crocker, Kate Brogdon, Vasu Tolia, Charles Turnell, Stephen Mauldin, Jeremy Janus, Max Wilson, Jerry Gadd, Hiromi Kawano, Konstantina Katsela, Olga Brovchenko, Aomi Kikuchi, Carol Brown, Cher Pruys, Arati Reddy-Devlin, Mohsen Modiri, Giovanni Greco, Dq Nguyen, Paul Dettwiler, Victor Cuzmenco, Jacqueline Meyerson, Sara Kobayashi, Joseph Urie, Christina Mitterhuber, Igor Zusev, Doina Iacob, Neville Barbour, Hector Briet.

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