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The First Mandalas Solo Painting Exhibition by Masoomeh Mahmoudzadeh

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Thursday, 16 July 2020 to Sunday, 30 August 2020

The First Mandalas solo painting exhibition by Masoomeh Mahmoudzadeh has opened online via Biafarin smart online exhibitions technology on 16th July 2020.
The exhibition expresses the journey of the young artist (born 1997) to heal her wounds with the power of art and drawing mandalas.
Masoomeh Mahmoudzadeh, a bachelor of Psychology student in her graduation year, has learned mandalas style design virtually via the internet. She used to practice realism oil painting as a teenager until her academic studies put her in a path to learn more about Mandalas in Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung's works. Jung believed that the mandala is an archetype of himself and that smoking a mandala gives order and coherence to the mind. It was the first spark in working on this style to understand a combination of art and psychology better.
As Masoomeh mentioned, the mandalas art has been reminiscent of a miracle for her as it healed the wounds she has suffered to this day. In her statement for this exhibition, she says: In every line and color of these mandalas, there is a secret that reveals my theme. Closed and open lines, yellow, blue, gold, etc., all present and show a part of "me". She continues: "Works of The First Mandals series are sometimes drawn with hope and sometimes out of despair, sometimes out of vivacity and sometimes out of lethargy and depression, sometimes calm and sometimes full of excitement and enthusiasm, and sometimes due to the conflict between all emotions, with all the tears and smiles that somehow portrays me."
This exhibition is a unique journey of life for the artist and people who visit the works online at https://www.biafarin.com/thefirstmandalas as we all may find part of ourselves in Masoomeh Mahmoudzadeh's mandalas. 
The show remains online till 30th August 2020 on http://www.biafarin.com/thefirstmandalas.

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