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Dance of Colors Live Exhibition

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Friday, 31 May 2019 to Sunday, 30 June 2019
Friday, 31 May 2019 - 10:00am

I think most of the paintings those who have a general theme and at the same time a lot of details use the details which have an unmixed appearance to express their meaning. It made me think to start painting in a new way in which the details occupy the wide domain of the painting and boast their bold presence as if without regarding them carefully we are not able to understand the subject. On the other hand using the different forms of the components to convey their message was a noticeable factor to me.

Paying attention to the surrounding things and the environment had a very special effect on me to watch and consider natural things, animals, human or even flippy instruments as an idea to keep in work. Even the textures of the various types of the surfaces could be an idea to paint. I knew all of my observations that was closely monitoring by my brain would help me take the schema later. The ultimate decision to choose a model for painting was a challenge to me.

I knew what I wanted to present but the way to show my plan and theory in the form of a model was a very complex action. So I decided to paint in a several level and use my canvas as a draft! Every time I started painting the elements added a new thing and step by step these little parts converted to a larger whole which transferred the theme to the viewer in a better and more completed way.

The variety of the details which was distributed in the different parts of the canvas was formed by different categories of the symbols and signs. I displayed them with the combination of the order and disorder that coordinated from small to big or upside down. By using different colors I could express the moods and feelings that was formed by my temporary state of mind which resulted in the creation of amazing exclusionary mysterious characters produced by the trace of brush painting with high and low speed had a big role in expressing the excitement and vibrant space of painting. I used both dots and lines in a wide combination to create new shapes.

The thick textures which are mainly made by palette knife in my works have the powerful impact to magnify effective characters and drawing attention on them. The continuous curves, straight and twisted lines make a distinctive feature to show the special forms by eye-catching presentation.

One of the most two things which I like in my style is the background that is not an isolated section from the painting and the behind space is combined with the whole of the details.The other one is the description of the viewers from the subject that is unique and exclusive. It gives me a sense of pleasant and satisfaction to see everyone has his own point of view and attitude regardless of mine. I feel so good that my paintings does not dictate or induce others to perceive in a way I understand the theme.

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