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Canary Canary, Quite Contrary

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Canary Canary, Quite Contrary 


Exhibition Dates: May 12th – June 23rd, 2012

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 12th, 6PM - 9PM

Gallery Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 11AM – 6PM

                           Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11AM – 8PM



Catherine Coan’s Canary Suicides and Diana Jacobs’ Bottled Time


The detail and craftsmanship of Coan’s Canary Suicides series is simply magical.  Come and while away the evening in a whimsical cage filled with memories, beauty, humor, horror and a note of tragedy.  You won’t want to avert your eyes. 

Find yourself taken into Diana Jacobs’ bottles and boxes filled with dreams, wishes and things past.  The haunting sweetness of each character is visceral.


Artist ( Description ): 


Catherine Coan’s Canary Suicides are meditations on captivity, miniature embodiment, the pet as fetish, and the relationship between death and delight. They are influenced by the medieval reliquary; the work of Rauschenberg, Kienholz, and the mice who’ve made tiny, perfect replicas of some of their most well-known assemblages; and the artist’s mother and grandmother, who bred and kept many healthy, self-actualized canaries trained in calligraphy, origami, algebra, and bridge. Catherine Coan lives happily with several well-adjusted pets in Manhattan Beach, California.


Working with history, memory, and the layering of ideas through imagery and objects, have been the motivations of Diana’s art for the last few years. She is driven by the challenge of reconciling art and science with the emotional core of our mortality.   Maps, bones, old doll parts, seeds, whole and broken eggs, and clock parts that have ticked their time away are among her ingredients.  This body of work is created out of things past with the occasional nod toward the future.

 Diana lives in Los Angeles, CA. 


Venue ( Address ): 

THE GALLERY at 3517 west sunset

 3517 W. Sunset Boulevard   (Enter Through dustmuffin)

Silver Lake, CA, 90026


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