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Photography Art Exhibit


The 2012 Photography Art Exhibit features photography from around the world. Selected artists will be featured in Artist Portfolio Magazine. To view the exhibit visit and to view a list of recognized artists and the juror's top 3 picks, visit

Artist ( Description ): 
Name: Nicholai Go
City: Providence, RI
Title: Live in a Dream
Medium: Digital
Name: Laci Gibbs
City: Smyrna, TN
Title: Hi Ho
Medium: Digital
Name: Hyunmoo Lee
City: Montreal, Canada
Title: David
Medium: Analog Photography

Debra Small - Morning Reflection
Justin Alle-Corliss - Not the Gravity Plan
Nicholai Go - Without Boundaries
Josue A. Roman - Hamilton Lake
Dustin Halleck - Frank Simon, Balance Master
Jim Pica - Piano Man of Venice Beach
Andrew Gerard - The Road Behind
Dave Vaughn - Roy Baugh
Dave Vaughn - Forgotten Television
Sally Rolfe - Ninja Jump
Erin Dobosiewicz - Memory
Stephanie Guillen - Doll Wars
Evan Trine - Orange
Addie Fisher - Desolate
Addie Fisher - Beaten
Conor Dowdle - Bathroom Mirror
Gjert Rognli - Dream Vision
Gjert Rognli - Sleeping Reindeer
Bev Short - The Awakening
Bev Short - Zombie Killer
Jon Damaschke - The Perfect Moment
Jon Damaschke - A Discouraged Man
David Beckley - Model Getting Dressed
David Beckley - Nude Model Sitting
Stephanie Ficut - Platic
Stephanie Ficut - Plastic II
Hattie Ellis - Silhouette
David Allen Corbin - At Rest
Grace Chew - Afloat
Grace Chew - Back from Neverland   Alex Rossa - Devious Thinking
Ralf Kopp - aCROSS 016
Amanda Hsu - Clean
Jennifer Georgescu - "It All Fades in Darkness" Untitled-The Veil
Dyann Cooper-Navarre - Peaceful Lake
Dyann Cooper-Navarre - Path to Serenity
Jamie Foster - Strange Love
Ulrike Scheuchl - Independence
Ulrike Scheuchl - Moon Tower
Eric Capone - Untitled 3
Tan Marco - Broken Glass at Old Brooklyn Army Terminal
Elyse Beebe - Last to Fall
Elzbieta Jablonska - Havana
Gabrielle Katina Rogers - Flutter
Johnny Tang - Narcissus
Dustin Halleck - Fourth of July
Erin Dobosiewicz - Ice
Oliver Dunsch - Lost in Reality
Oliver Dunsch - Wonder Paul's

and more

Venue ( Address ):

Featured artwork by Nicholai Go (Copyright Nicholai Go) , GardenGrove

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