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Contemporary Fossils for #ArtForYourWorld





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Friday, 29 October 2021 to Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Gallery70 is proud to join the global campaign @artforyourworld with Contemporary Fossils by Jon Kraja. 

Art For Your World is a new campaign for WWF, led by curatorial practice Artwise, to mobilise and unite the art world in the fight against the climate crisis.
The campaign #ArtForYourWorld will run on Instagram from September through to November to align with COP26 (26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties taking place 1–12 November in Glasgow) - the defining moment for our future and the health of our planet.
We will donating proceeds from the Contemporary Fossils by Jon Kraja to the campaign.
Contemporary Fossils, are hand manipulated plastic bottles .  these  artist's creation  are then inserted  into a dialogue with urban , architectural and natural space, giving life to a new creation through photography. The desire for abstraction finds inspiration in the inorganic and usefulness of lifeless  objects. These monumental abstract shapes ( proposed for public space installation measuring 5 to 8 meters high) provoke an ironic reflection with the nature and the changing background . Beyond the social engagement, the  call for recycling , you sense something deeply pure and artistic in  Contemporary Fossils.. It is the creative desire of the artist, unconscious and purposeless,  to transform what is visible into  something more intimate for everyone's imagination. It's an act of empathy.
Their "plisses"  remind us of the Greek mythology of Laocont bitten  by the Goddesses but what would the analogy to the mythological legend ?   It would be the commercialization of life, the marble replaced by plastic bottles, the classic romantic backdrop replaced by metropolitan traffic, the angry Goddesses replaced by the dangers threatening the humanity by its own products.
Seen from a historical perspective, Contemporary Fossils (spirits in the bottle) is part of what Umberto Eco calls "a mockery of the industrialized world around him, where the artist exposes the archaeological findings of a contemporary world where the man lives every day, and digs into its ludicrous museum  things that we see everyday without even realizing that they act like idols. But in doing so, no matter how poignant or ridiculous, the artist's controversy is , he teaches us to love these things, reminding us that the world of industry also has such "forms" that can provoke aesthetic emotions. These items,  when their cycle ends as consumables and when they become utterly useless, look like being liberated ironically - by their futility, their poverty, and even their misery, and unfold us a Beauty we did not expect . ... So a new form of thing emerges that is neither a handicraft nor an industrial product, .. ”
Contemporary Fossils (…spirit in the bottle)  provoke everyone's imagination and they become a  call for reflection.  They become what  Umberto Ecco calls   “the  transformative experience and function as a catalyst for reprocessing an unresolved past that can inform an unspoken present and ultimately shape our future… ”  The artist has been working with the concept since 2011

#artforyourworld #WWFUK #COP26 #Togetherforourplanet #artandenvironment #artforearth #artforgood #climatecrisis


Artist ( Description ): 

Jon Kraja (b.1970) emerged in the art scene in the early 1990 as a surprising contemporary artist in painting and set design.
He is known for his unpredictability in producing powerful artworks experimenting in biomorphic forms, paintings, photography and sculptures, preoccupied by the unknown and the usefulness of lifeless objects.
Jon Kraja has exhibited in Italy, Germany, Albania, France, Netherlands, USA. His works are part of private collections.
“My painting is an emotional load that pours over canvas. It is a shiver frozen in time. It is my life, charged with meaning and misunderstanding, my unconscious that astonishes me with its instinct. It is my penance, and the string that ties my heaven and hell. It is love, which not everyone can see.”

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Rruga Abdi Toptani at Toptani Center, Tirana 

Gallery70 , Tirana

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