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Monday, 6 September 2021 to Sunday, 17 October 2021

Gallery70 is happy to open the autumn season with an exhibition of conceptual photographs by Jon Kraja . 
In children's toys it is common to find bodies detached from the head or limbs. The child does not see this phenomenon as tragic but as part of his  exploration and curiosity to learn and discover more. Not infrequently, the limbs, heads and bodies detached from each other reunite creating new compositions,  fruit of the fantasy and child's insatiable desire for creation. These new creatures do not seek to surprise anyone and are not attempts to embody a thought or a philosophy. They do not convey social messages but are simply the result of an exploratory process of the child's  imagination that amazes us.

To grow up means to lose the sense of eternity. Under the weight of education with the norms of the society on what is normal and abnormal, the child loses the unconscious creative instinct, the fantasy of intuitive juxtaposition and joins the "mainstream".
In the last cycle of conceptual photographs by Jon Kraja , there is a return to the childhood's  unconscious, an aesthetic quest to recompose scenes and relationships that exist only in the own's oneself. They come as a form of rebellion against the attempt to seek  thinking  inside every  creation. They are there to bring us back to the exploration of beauty and the pure and uncorrupted  curiosity of the aesthetic process. The viewer is free to find a personal narrative in the artist's creation.

 " Insta, tik-tok, facebook ... today we live in the time of triumph of one’s own self, of ego, of aggressive narcissism. This being is not satisfied with the silent contemplation and worship of the hypnotic reflection. Compulsion is offered as spontaneity and dependence is presented as freedom. A portrait, a 'head' altered between illusory filters separated from the essence and the rest of existence.

Ode to Own’s OneSelf detached from reality, virtual, woodenised, frozen and always farther and farther from the phenomenon of life, it digresses from the real reflection of owns’s oneself, separated and placed on a pedestal to be contemplated by others ...”  says Ardian Lama exploring the full cycle of photographs


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Jon Kraja (b.1970) emerged in the art scene in the early 1990 as a surprising contemporary artist in painting and set design.
He is known for his unpredictability in producing powerful artworks experimenting in biomorphic forms, paintings, photography and sculptures, preoccupied by the unknown and the usefulness of lifeless objects.
Jon Kraja has exhibited in Italy, Germany, Albania, France, Netherlands, USA. His works are part of private collections.
“My painting is an emotional load that pours over canvas. It is a shiver frozen in time. It is my life, charged with meaning and misunderstanding, my unconscious that astonishes me with its instinct. It is my penance, and the string that ties my heaven and hell. It is love, which not everyone can see.”

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Rruga Abdi Toptani at Toptani Center 

Tirana 1001, Albania 

Gallery70 , Tirana

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