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Tell us about yourself, your medium and the main focus of your practise?

As an artist my focus is on interpersonal relationships, our sense of identity -how we narrate snd shape our interaction with the world - and what it means to know something. I use writing and conversation in my practice, and mostly test out these ideas in live works, through performances, live or interactive pieces.




What have you been doing since graduation - where could we have seen your work, what projects have you been working on and how are you finding life as a grad?

Since graduation you could have seen my work in various places: I've exhibited in The Trophy Room, Liverpool, a live performance where I imagine the lives of strangers, based on an item of their choosing, and Scaffold Gallery's Great Unanswered Questions project, where I presented an ongoing work. This work, Inside, is a text map attempting to make a record of everything I know. I'm also running a project space called Surtsey Projects in Liverpool alongside artists Lily Mellor and Laura Rushton, which gives local artists a space for play and risk, through collaboration. Life since graduating has been busy, having worked as a mediator for the Liverpool Biennial in the summer and having six exhibitions since leaving university. Trying to maintain a critical practice has also been difficult. But it's been fun adapting to a new method of working and I have found a lot of freedom since leaving the institution.




What's next, what've you got in the pipeline, what new things are you working on?

I'm continuing to work on Inside, which I can see taking a very long time to feel complete. In January I am going to Iceland for a month long residency. I will also be exhibiting at Blip Blip Blip in Leeds in January, as part of the exhibition X, a celebration of some of the emerging graduates of 2016. I'm also doing an ongoing project where I can only whisper when at exhibition openings, and am excited to see how this unfolds in 2017. Mainly I want to keep up the momentum and make sure my practice is able to take bigger risks now I'm free from university!



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