Pink Trap

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June Glasson


2.5 × 31 × 38.5 in | cm
$2300. (framed)
This small, figurative painting portrays a strong female character in animal hides and furs. She looks through bright pink fringe. The ink and gouache create rich color contrasts that make the image pop highlighting the juxtaposition between female and typical, masculine Western iconography. The “American West” is the primary focus and artistic catalyst for June Glasson. In her multidisciplinary practice of drawing, painting, and installation art, Glasson explores and questions iconic “western” imagery. Depicting women juxtaposed with buffalo, beaver pelts or pistols, for example, sets up a visual investigation into dominant narratives about the region and narratives that often ignore its complicated and violent history. Glasson’s figurative work depicts semi-realistic representations of the women in her life, a personalized way of expressing concern for the treatment of the female figure in art and popular culture while challenging historic and contemporary notions of gender roles. From the artist’s statement: “Simultaneously, the work reflects my personal relationship with the landscape, the people, and culture of Wyoming - a place that is both exotic and home to me.” The artist lives and works in Wyoming. Her paintings have been exhibited in London, Berlin and in museums and galleries throughout the United States. Glasson’s work been published in New American Paintings, The Paris Review, The Wall Street Journal, Guernica, Domino, Myself, Asymptote, People and Diner Journal, to name a few.
Artist: Ruth Franklin
Price: Upon Request
Dimension: 46 × 12 × 38 cm
Ruth Franklin
Artist: Ching Wen Tsai
Price: 1 Set (3 Pieces) $6000 9 Pieces $ 20,000 (Individual piece to be discussed)
Dimension: 16 × 10 × 16 in
Ching Wen Tsai
Artist: Lubos De Gerardo Surzin
Price: Upon Request
Dimension: 60 × 2 × 40 cm
Lubos De Gerardo Surzin
Artist: Carlos Gamez de Francisco
Price: $4800.
Dimension: 1.5 × 24 × 66 in
Carlos Gamez de Francisco
Artist: Jerry McLaughlin
Price: Upon Request
Jerry McLaughlin
Artist: James Stanford
Price: Upon Request
James Stanford