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36 × 24 × 1 in | cm
© Alexander Elkholy, courtesy Dab Art. Alexander Elkholy is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer based in Seattle. His work is based on the emotional experiences and bringing to light what is hidden in souls. While he bases his work in photography, he incorporates any method of process to convey a visceral, emotional experience. "Pain, suffering, fear and all of our negative emotions all easy to avoid in the modern world. But forcing ourselves through these difficulties is a valuable experience. It is only through hardship that we learn the truest things about ourselves and others. We come to newer and greater understanding and deeper emotions. This work is about the pain and suffering we avoid; the emotional beings inside of us. I use photography and portraiture to show the beauty in our stories and experiences, rather than trying to portray traditionally attractive people. I am trying to create art which causes very visceral, emotional reactions. Through these reactions I want people to find something true and meaningful about themselves."
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Dimension: 36 × 24 × 1 in


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