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Plastic Sea

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60 × 3 × 48 in | cm
The pictorial content and composition of “Plastic Sea”* evolved from a documentary video detailing the serious impact of ocean pollution. The video with Anna Cummins, Executive Director and co-founder of 5 Gyres, describes the massive amount of garbage that is floating around in the world’s oceans. Although they are not obvious massive islands as suggested by some media sources, the problem has become increasingly more serious. The materials, mostly plastic, break down into plankton size particles and are then consumed by sea life. The destructive impact of this pollution is not restricted to sea life alone, we are now consuming our pollutants and the resulting toxins in seafood. The environmental problems we have created, as reported by Cummins, have such an impact that it began to occupy my thoughts and dreams. It finally emerged in my drawings and culminated in my paintings such as Plastic Sea. *This work was selected for the Katonah Museums Biennale Exhibit 2016
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Dimension: 60 × 3 × 48 in


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