Artwork | Shadow 16 June 14:12 | Robert Motelski | Painting at Galerie Sandhofer | Art Week

Shadow 16 June 14:12

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13.38583 × 23.62205 × 0.7874 in | cm

Robert Motelski's paintings are exceptional visions of nature, visions of space which surrounds us. They tell about being, fate and passing. They depend on the season of year, the time of day, the temperature of air, the intensity of light. They record everything which is unusual and unique. Their realm is created out of fragments of the sky, trunks and branches of trees, thickets of bushes, blades and tufts of grass, rushes, hosts of flowers, glittering surfaces of lakes and ponds. The young artists builds that upon the basic elements of artistic technique: colour and light.
It is particularly light which plays a vital and essential part in constructing the mood of his synthetic, rhythmical landscapes. It defines the space, air, movement; evokes the feelings of changeability and flickering. By limiting the pieces of landscape to a sign,-,a clear symbol, Robert Motelski accurately reflects the essence of the complicated and delicate matter of nature and its core. He presents us with the values and poesy of the world which we fail to notice but experience all the time. He convinces us that, apart from conflicts, tension and violence, there exists the beautiful world, unchangeable in its everlasting rhythm of birth and death- the world of nature captivating by its complete peacefulness and balance, harmony and order.

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