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Ad Infinitum

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31.49606 × 1.9685 × 47.24409 in | cm
As a young adult, I spent two years in South Africa. I was living in a town called Alice in the Karoo. Officially under the rule of Apartheid, I had first hand experience of a society based on discrimination, repression and deprivation of civil and political rights for the majority of the population. This experience fuelled in me a strong and lasting notion of the politically, socially ethically and humanly acceptable. Colonial empires are now gone but their toxic legacy remains and influences the way “the Other’ is perceived. Racism, xenophobia and segregation are as awful as they are anachronistic, yet they do not seem to abate. Only through conscious effort can we aspire to change ourselves and then possibly the world. This painting alludes to the fact that we will only be able to mend the fragmentation of ours society by addressing its underlying weakness. It represents both the horror and the fragmentation caused by colonialism, slavery and racial exploitation, and exposes it as the foundation of wealth in the western world. The disembodied figures also represent seeds of a new global reappraisal of our humanity for a deep, and hopefully long-lasting, wave of introspection and self-questioning about our core values and ultimately the meaning of our lives.
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