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I was caught in Fire


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80.70866 × 59.05512 × 0 in | mm

Narrative: [Just come home, we love you for all your flaws and beauty. It is what makes you the human we know and love]

Personal Story: When I was 16 I went on Exchange to Scotland, it was my first time in a foreign land, I was excited to explore everything. Little did I know that the drinking age in Scotland was 16, I explored that to the fullest too. When I returned back home to South Africa, I unconsciously kept denying the fact that I had a drinking problem, until someone sat me down and pointed it out. From there on, I was consciously denying I had a drinking problem. As much as I dranka lot, I was always reserved and didn‟t make my problem anyone else‟s. I decided to completely quit drinking a year after high school, that was a difficult time, but I managed to stay sober for 6 months.Despite a few relapses, I knew I had to respect my body and soul. My last relapse resulted in a week long of secretand shameful uncontrollable drinking, which gave birth to this masterpiece. For a week I was ashamed to go back home and be seen for the drank I was, instead I locked myself in my studio, cried and found comfort in my work

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