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Prairie of Light

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1200 × 1200 × 96 in | cm
The artist group known as the Moonlight Collective is launching their latest immersive art exhibit – the Prairie of Possibility – leveraging the magic of light and sound to transport you to a metaverse of possibility. James Gwertzman, Casey Marvin and Paul McDaniel, co-founders of the Moonlight Collective, invite you to explore their upcoming outdoor light exhibit. While the artists and engineers are intentionally vague on the details, they shared that the experience will transport you to a space and time outside of reality, where you are free to let the dreamscape take form. “Collaboration is encouraged. The Prairie’s secrets can be learned only by those who work together to discover them”, shares James Gwertzman, Moonlight Collective co-founder and project Visionary. The little we do know from the 3D renders this secretive team has posted on instagram suggests that participants will be attracted by a ring of large glowing door frames set in a circle surrounding a large field of luminous alien-like grass stems. There seems to be paths leading from each doorway into the heart of the Prairie. What lies within is anybody’s guess. “Your engagement with the space around you drives the narrative and gives life to the ethereal lightscape you have become a part of”, adds Casey Marvin, Moonlight Collective co-founder and project Creative Director. For the exhibit’s debut showing, the Prairie of Possibility will open its magical, oversized doorways at an undisclosed outdoor location in the Seattle Area for 4 nights in September. A limited number of tickets will be released for online purchase 1 month in advance.

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Dimension: 100 × 100 × 8 ft


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