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Reach Collectors during Art Fairs NYC

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New York City

Deadline: Oct. 18, 2019

It’s a flyer/pamphlet/magazine book style created to help emerging artists from all backgrounds and walks of life from around the world reach collectors during times when art fairs are happening in New York City. This is a good way for artists to gain exposure during times when art fairs are happening.

Why Fair Art? Because it’s another way to represent the way artists and collectors connect. Art Fairs can demand high fees to be paid by artists, leaving many talented artists without any way of reaching an audience that would love and buy their art. This project was born of the thought of all those artists who are unable to present their work during the popular art fairs, and who in many instances are in remote places of the world and unable to be present in the NYC Art Scene.

To be included, please send two images of your best work.
Include a brief artist statement, your location and contact information including: Email, Website and Instagram.

To cover printing and distribution costs there is a fee of $55 which you will need to submit by clicking on the button below.
Those wanting to have a full page and/or be featured, please also add the $25 full page submission fee.
The fee may be waived if you are an emerging artist who has never sold art in the past and can provide a letter of hardship.

This issue will be Brooklyn and Soho during the first week of November, 2019 and will also be available for purchase online.
The focus will be on the artists, including 1 to 2 images of their best work, medium & style, artist’s full name and their contact information.
Artists are encouraged to submit good quality images of their best work!
Please email your images to:
Please label images with title and artist name.


Contact Information:

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