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Paint Night: Charity & Networking Event

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New York

On March 25, SACC New York Young Professionals, together with World Childhood Foundation, hosted an evening of fun, networking, and painting – all for a great cause. “Paint Night: Charity & Networking Event” for The Young Professionals platform featured an hour of painting instruction, where artist Fred Di Vito guided painting amateurs as they created their own masterpieces. Proceeds for the event were donated to World Childhood Foundation, in benefit of their many important projects around the world.




World Childhood Foundation was founded in 1999 by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden. Today, it works globally to prevent abuse and exploitation of children through its four country offices in Sweden, Brazil, Germany, and the United States. The organization supports over 100 projects in 16 countries around the world, assisting children who are at risk of or are victims of abuse, children who are in alternative care, street children, and families at risk. The goal of Childhood is to help create a world where no child is exposed to a violent or damaging environment, but instead has the opportunity to grow up with memories of a safe and loving childhood. For more information, visit and


For more information about Childhood, please contact President and CEO:




New York City artist Fred Di Vito transforms visual images into emotional dialog in his stunning and highly emotive landscapes and cityscapes. Fueled by a lifetime of urban experience growing up and working in the South Bronx, Di Vito captures glimpses of life that convey a sense of peacefulness in the city dwellers he depicts, despite the chaos of their surroundings. In turn, his landscapes are more idealized renderings, focused on tranquil scenes suffused with beautiful interplays of light and shadow: full of promise and hope.


Above all, Di Vito wants to create a visual oasis for viewers, a place to escape from the informational and sensual assault that we are confronted with on a daily basis in our modern world. As Di Vito explains, “My artistic voice continues to be nourished by the people, experiences, and emotions from my past. What I hope for is that voice to resonate with others.” [press release courtesy Agora Gallery]




The Young Professionals is a meeting platform for professionals in the beginning and midpoint of their career

to build their personal and professional networks, develop career skills, and work with other young leaders to achieve success. To goal is to help this target group in their career development enabled by a broad range of activities, includ-ing unique site visits to our successful member companies, seminars on important relevant topics, and networking gatherings at some of New York´s most popular venues.


Founded in 1906, The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (SACC-New York) is the preeminent Swedish-American transatlantic organization dedicated to the promotion, advancement, and protection of direct commercial relations between the United States and Sweden. The largest Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the world, SACC-NY has produced such celebrated events as The Lucia Trade Award, The Executive Women’s Conference and the Farm to Fork green summit. In September 2006, SACC-NY celebrated one hundred years of promoting commerce and trade between Sweden and the United States.


For more about SSAC-NY, contact the Events Manager at


Agora Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery located on the street level and the 2nd floor of 530 West 25th Street in the center of New York's Chelsea art district. Agora Gallery was established in 1984 by the late Miki Stiles, MFA, to provide opportunities to artists entering the global art market. Today, Agora Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists, to connecting artists with collectors, and to provide a venue of high-quality original fine art to accommodate every budget.



For press materials and information about Agora Gallery, please contact PR Coordinator




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For press materials and information about Agora Gallery, please contact PR Coordinator

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