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Newly released book by Rebecca Gabriel:APPEARANCES-EXPERIMENTAL PORTRAITURE




GOLD LIST AWARD artist, Rebecca Gabriel's, new book APPEARANCES - EXPERIMENTAL PORTRAITURE, is newly released by Wellstone Press. Art critic John Seed, author of DISRUPTED REALISM writes, "In Gabriel’s sensibility, there is always more going on than the eyes can see. Finding ways to try and express the mysteries of others through portraiture has taken Rebecca Gabriel towards her own imaginative core. Her journey has been very rich indeed as she has inched closer and closer to things that will never be understood."  Dafna Narrow, CEO of ART MARKET MAGAZINE writes,"Gabriel's work brings forward the profound and emotional. She is committed to presenting the female aspect with depth and synthesizing both realism and chaotic abstraction." The book presents Gabriel's groundbreaking portraiture, including 30 full color reproductions and text by the author.It is available on Amazon and also independent bookstores throughout the U.S.

Contact Information:

4364 Wolff St., Denver, CO 80212