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Lily Nava-Nicholson at Mona Niko Gallery

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Mission Viejo

"Your life's journey is your canvas,  be bold, confident and intentional with the colors of your mindset" ~  Lily Nava-Nicholson

Mona Niko Gallery is pleased to present the art of

Lily Nava-Nicholson, a visionary artist based in Irvine, California.  Her paintings are intuitive and bring to life the essence of the “in between” energy and visions of our multidimensional universe. Lily paints from a soul level channeling from flow. Her paintings are portals that transport viewers to enchanted realms that whisper sacred words of wisdom meant just for them. Painting and empowering others are my passions and what led me to create The Pathfinder Code: Powered by Intuition and Creativity™. (

Lily's work is on display the entire month of October at the Mona Niko Gallery located in Mission Viejo, California. Her works were selected from hundreds of submissions sent into the gallery as part of Exceptional Talents exhbition.

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