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Jon Kraja

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Brut@l Elegance  consists of paintings on acrylic and two sculptures made from recycled materials, from artist’s latest cycles. Jon Kraja brings his personal quest for beauty to a consumerist and over polluted world. If in his paintings he finds beauty in the rapid casting of colors and the unpredictability created in the collision between them, in the sculptures he researches the sensitivity of the shapes resulting from the deformation of plastic bottles, a process of hand manipulation that the artist conducts himself  . The end result of the  process of transformation, as the artist says, reminds him of the subtleness of the draperies of  old masters ‘sculpture. In both cases, in the paintings and in the sculptures, there is a demand for  balance between the instantaneous and brutal act of creating and displaying the fragility  and the details  carefully preserved in order to reach the  entirety  of the artwork.

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