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Inaugural Online Art Exhibition-2020

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Bundelkhand Art society Jhansi launched its Online Art Gallery ( Inaugurating the website of Online Art Gallery, Society hosted an Online Art Exhibition for its members & some invitee artists. The Inaugural Online Art Exhibition was opened to preview on 20 May 2020.

Inaugural Online Art Exhibition

Bundelkhand Art Society launched its Online Art Gallery’s website ( The Society started its online art Gallery with Inaugural Online Art Exhibition-2020. This exhibition was for the registered members of society. Some international and national artists were also invited with them. Jan Min from Holland and Maureen Maki from America were among the International invitee artists. However, 55 Artist showcased their work in this online exhibition.

This Exhibition was inaugurated and open on May 20, 2020, on 5 pm in the evening. After opening the exhibition, a huge number of people watched the exhibition through online. Overall first online events of the society got a great response from the people. The organizing team member Vikrant Jha& Technical Head Mueen Akhtar informed that we are regularly getting calls and messages from the people enquiring the online exhibition. So this showed how the people are eager to associate with us. Soon we are going to host many online events.

Great Response

Earlier it has been mentioned, we are getting regular enquiry. Art lovers and artists are eager to associate with us. Particularly, more than 20000 visitors visited the exhibition online. While more than 50 people comments on the exhibition in first two days of the exhibition. Still a good online traffic has been recorded. The statistics data of people’s response surprised us. This data is showing that we are much more successful in online event in comparison with offline ones. This huge response from the people and artists motivated us to do more with confident attitude. Soon we are ready to announce some new online project.

Online Art Gallery

Online Art Gallery is the online platform of Bundelkhand Art Society. This online platform will ready to host many events online regularly. Online group exhibition, Online Contest, Solo art exhibition and online competitions will be hosted regularly by this portal. The society is looking for promoting art and artist with Online Art Gallery globally.

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