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New York

A cutting-edge abstract artist is signed by DAS Model Management in Miami to pursue a second career in front of the camera

A rising talent in the world of progressive art has been harnessed by the nation’s fastest growing independent modeling agency, to spawn a transcending career of self expression within the fashion world, for which his flair in front of the camera is forming an artistic canvas of its own.

Ben Fronckowiak, 27, is the latest newcomer to the men’s division at DAS Model Management, marking the emergence of a second career that follows his current success and passion as one of today’s most sought after painters and muralists. After working with the head of men’s fashion at DAS during a period at his former agency, Ben felt his image and individuality was suited to a more progressive and personable management style, which prompted him to reunite with his old talent manager at DAS Model Management for a new outlook on his artistic career as a model and muralist.  With the help of his new management team, his personal brand in front of the lens is being developed for the corporate fashion world, with his own creative input.

“I immediately recognized the huge potential in Ben when I first saw his photography,” says Steve Wimbley, head of the men’s division at DAS Model Management. “His personality and vision was so inspiring and his serious passion for the arts gives a male model like Ben an extra layer of creative appeal to the clients we represent.  His talents are equally unique in front of the camera as they are on canvas. We are very excited to be representing Ben as an emerging and multi-talented model with an exciting career ahead of him.”

Ben Fronckowiak was born in California and raised in a family with a strong passion for the creative arts.  His uncle and grandmother were both painters and his mother taught art, while his father mastered poetry.  Ben adopted his own passion for painting at the age of 16 years old and was accepted in to film school at UCLA with an ambition to become a director.  Ben created his first mural at his grandmother’s store, to raise awareness for the transgender community and moved to New York City in 2016 while pursuing a modeling career. As his passion for artistic expression began to grow, so did the size of his paintings.  He started creating numerous murals throughout the urban neighborhoods of New York and was commissioned for his first project by a restaurant in China Town, where he designed a mural for the interior of the property, inspired by Guernica and his initial fondness of the work by his favorite artist, Picasso.

After starting out as a painter of portrait art, Ben’s love for the oversized—larger than life murals emerged as his specialty – taking his inspiration from Picasso among other abstract masters.  His style grew with taking the emotional expressions of different characters and portraying them with his own creative visions of color, shape and lines – depending on the mood at the time. Ben describes his creations as “Street Art meets Picasso” with his character abstractions taking on a figurative form of Pop Art, that aims to express “a voice of acceptance.”

“I first started painting realistic portraits of my friend’s mom at her senior care home,” says Ben. “Learning about her experiences living in New York City not only inspired me to live there, but my time with her formed a personal bond that taught me how to depict emotions and character through my paintings.  I started to experiment with various styles of drawing and painting that encouraged me to use different materials and incorporate a variety of mixed media in to my work. While studying at UCLA I began filming a documentary at Palms Bar in West Hollywood that encapsulated the lives of individuals in the transgender community.  This largely influenced the style I adopt today, after learning about their culture and poignant stories of passion and anguish. This intensely rewarding experience gave me huge inspiration for my work today.”

While living in Brooklyn and traveling between New York and Miami on modeling projects, Ben’s work began to get noticed and he started to collaborate with other local artists in the New York area, forging new contacts in the world of street art.  His biggest break came with meeting Franz Stuhlpfarrer, who allowed Ben to create his own exhibition within the renowned World of McIntosh Townhouse in New York City, a famous home for iconic artists and the music world, in which Beyonce filmed her “Halo” music video.  The 5-story townhouse and creative studio became the canvas for Ben’s first solo exhibition of nine paintings that he completed in under a month, gaining him wide recognition among the art and media community alike. 

Ben cites living in New York City and the relationships he has formed in his personal and professional life as his largest source of inspiration.  In addition to drawing from the creative minds of the likes of Picasso and Keith Haring, Ben enjoys the work of his favorite film directors, Tim Burton, Pedro Almodovar and Guillermo del Toro, for his own development of stylized characters crafted within his murals.

The recognition for Ben’s work in New York City has recently traveled to South Florida, where he spends an increasing amount of time with his agency family at DAS Model Management. Ben’s work can be seen in Miami Beach at The Palace on Ocean Drive, that commissioned Ben to produce an outstanding mural within its bar area.  Ben is poised to further stamp his creative footprint on Miami with additional work expected on the walls of Wynwood and for a five star luxury hotel known for its progressive and artistic nightlife.


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