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CollexArt Purchase Award Winner Jeanne Golightly

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 "Through the act of painting, I find my voice and make comment on our world and current events. Racism. Walls. Refugees. Migration. Displacement. And then, there’s hope. Hope often exists, however fragile, among individuals, families, and communities with limited opportunities....What sustains hope? Where does it end?"  - Jeanne Golightly

The first CollexArt Purchase Award was given to Jeanne Golightly for her works titled Long They Wait, Hope Series No. 17 and In Honor, Hope Series No.16.  Both paintings are now part of the CollexArt Collection, and can be seen in the online exhibit titled Migrations.

As an artist, Jeanne Golightly has used her medium to bring attention to social issues. Her work focuses on topics like racism, borders, refugees, migration, and displacement. The online Migrations exhibit brings together a small series of paintings that underscore the often complicated aspects of being displaced with a mass of people. Golightly captures the loss of individuality that these groups of people experience. With her aerial views of featureless migrants, her work offers a clear critique of how media and governments depict refugees and migrants as nameless, faceless masses who have no voice. With titles like Long They Wait, Hope Series No. 17, and Neither Here Nor There, Golightly underscores the predicament migrants find themselves in our present-day world.

Golightly resides in the USA , but has lived in Germany, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Her paintings are part of private collections in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

The CollexArt Purchase Award is intended to support selected artists with meaningful recognition. Recipients of the Purchase Award get entered as finalists for the annual Collexart Grand Prize. 

Artists of any nationality may apply for the Purchase Award.

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