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Art Book Launch More In Than Out – THE LOCKDOWN A performance for an audience not to be seen by Lorenzo Belenguer

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More In Than Out – THE LOCKDOWN is a random recollection of performances and thoughts that took place in central London in the thick of the lockdown by the Spanish artist Lorenzo Belenguer. With no audience available, the performance took place nevertheless.

Does the artist need an audience? How do you communicate an idea to no one? Can it be executed in two stages: performance first and access to an audience via printed paper later? Questions unanswered in uncertain times.

Belenguer juggles thoughts, actions and artworks in a constant state of randomness. A never ending process that leads to nowhere. Perhaps, a reflection of the current times.

Bronac Ferran, a writer and curator who specialises in research and facilitation between art, design and other disciplines especially science and technology, says:

With these words and images, Belenguer touches the inner psychic pain that is hurting us all so deeply, and draws it out, performatively, so we can try to breathe again. Through power of visual communication, in minimal pages, Belenguer takes us with him on his Kafkaesque journey. Firstly we merely see, then on re-reading, we are what he becomes, in a movement from mask, to unmasked transference of fear, loneliness, wariness, withdrawal into compact spaces, reaching out from our pandemic decentrings to that which is organic, questioning how and what we love and what this means in solitude, the further transformation into the ground of greenness, the plant life in all of us, our vegetal resilience.

Lorenzo Belenguer, the performance artist, says:

The artist's need to create and to action ideas is beyond any restrictions. The combination of solitude and loneliness during the confinement forces the artist to carry on regardless of whether remains to be seen or not.

Youtube video of the book

The book is published by Barnes & Noble, hardcover, 26 pages, dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.25(d) inches. Due to Covid19 restrictions, the book can only be shipped for the time being in USA, Canada and Australia. Please email Lorenzo on if you wish to buy it and do not have access to an address in those countries.

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