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2020 Creative Project Winner

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"Once you enter the exhibition, there's an extraordinary sense that you have entered a different world"

Presented by Direct Painting Group in partnership with Direct Tiling Group, was the 2020 Creative Project Award, for the most creative & eye-opening project of the year ending 2019. 

The Awards were open to all projects completed by Direct Group throughout the year & there was some tough competition including the Munich Cricket Club completed in late July 2019, Blonde Hedgehog completed in Mid August 2019 & The Kuwait Embassay completed in December 2019. However, the project which won the award was Tate Britain's 'The Squash' exhibition which featured 'animalistic-like' scupltures & an erected sea of tiles to complete the effect. This project was completed by Direct Tiling Group - in partnership with the Direct Group

The judgement was made on the delivery, quality, scope of work, how the project was receiveed by the private client & the wider public audience - with 'The Squash' exhibition having been praised in world-renowned articles such as Forbes Magazine, Express Mail & many others. 

300+ exclusive members attended for the exhibitions grand opening, including Artist Anthea Hamilton who initially had the vision of the project before Direct Tiling Group's team brought this to fruition.

Over 60 projects were considered for the award, however a wide majority of judges held that 'The Squash' project was the clear winner. 

The individual team on these projects have been presented & awarded this award and we now look to the 2021 Creative Project award to see which is the next inspiring project Direct Group deliver. 

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