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“Side by Side”, Orion Shima and Martin Stommel’s exhibition opens in Tirana

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The Albanian painter, Orion Shima, is famous for his many exhibitions in Italy, Greece, Germany, US, etc.  

The painting of Martin Stommel have also appeared in prestigious European exhibitions since back in 2000.

Art curator, Edison Çeraj, describes their work as an entrenchment of the mythological sensibility of man's relationship with nature”.

“To say more metaphorically, let’s say that here we have two different flows which unite in a quest to the sea”, writes Çeraj.

“They don’t choose nature as a single space or background, but nature has the same importance with the characters. The two authors’ approach to nature evokes an idyllic, or heavenly state, or mythical, or all at once, because they are essentially “sublimations” of the human journey from here to beyond”, added the art curator.

The characters in the artists’ painting carry a tragic-comic mood, a drama that can be paraphrased with the expression “nature is not enough”.

The exhibition will open its doors on October 7 at Gallery 70 and will remain open until November 14.

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