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The 24th GuangZhou International Art Fair
29 Nov 2019 - 02 Dec 2019


Guangzhou international art fair is the only art fair that approved by the ministry of culture in south China, it’s organized by Chinese artists association and the local government. It is one of the oldest art fair in China and the most concerned art trade fair in south China. 



Facts and Figures
- 280,000 visitors
- 25,000 artworks
- 40,000 square meters 
- 390 Galleries from 40 countries and cities
- More than 85% of the galleries are making sales during the event



Fair Plan

International & Contemporary Hall:  2200RMB/m² + 8%Vat
Classic & Brand Hall: 2000RMB/m² + 8%Vat
Antique, Craft & Decorative Arts Hall:  1800RMB/m² +8%Vat


1 Chinese Yuan = 0.11 Pound sterling or 0.14 United States Dollar



About GuangZhou
Guang Zhou is the third biggest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai with a population of more than 14 millions. the city has been a springboard for trading, cultural exchanges, many revolutions and reforms, making it an unavoidable stopover to understand what shapes the modern China.