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Highlight & Statement: 


Rom REEVES had always have a great sensibility to design matters : automobile and aircrafh in first. 
Passionate, he is since few years a "designer on canvas" with an immediate success : with the first paints, orders will come not only from France but also United State, Japan, Emirates and U.K.



"As an artist agent, i immediately impassioned myself for this beautiful and different artwork. Rom Reeves invites to an intimate browsing of the mythological dreams of humanity. A painting which one cannot weary oneself, because it renews our imagination unceasingly."

 The spirit of this painting is a form of permanent visual voyage, an invitation on a tour of other worlds. An opening towards the imagination of the spectator who, in one moment, is transported on the other side of the mirror in a thought out of conventions, out of standards.

The work of Rom Reeves offers a rare freedom: that to project themselves in a table, to let go its subjectivity to the borders of the universe and to have an outline of unsoundable, the unexplored . It is a gate which opens towards the infinite one, a space of browsing which bores for us, the secrecies of the black holes, pulsars and even of the galaxies, and all that, in a sensitive way.

Browsing of the colors, the reliefs, the effects but also of our ways of thinking. But when we speaks about Rom Reeves, the words which return in an obvious way are the aestheticism and the great originality of its artworks.

Welcome in this interactive world betweens the creator and the spectator a world in which each one can project what it is, its thought, its desires. A world where the paints are unceasingly reinterpreted by that which looks at them."

Delphy Legrain Crist.

Selected Exhibitions: 


Currently :

From December 1st, 2011 to January 28th, 2012, find some of my works at EUROPAUTO SPORT  228 rue d'Auxonne in Dijon.


Private collections :

- Tokyo (Japon)

- Ryiad (Emirats Arabes Unis)

- San Francisco (U.S.A.)

- Londres (Grande-Bretagne)


Last exhibition :

Website of déco interior Design Le pé June to October 2011

The store of contemporary furniture MAISON d'ETRE Dijon (Burgundy), June to August 2011

Stores of contemporary furniture TEMPO and Mr Meuble in Dijon (Burgundy), May to August 2011

the store of contemporary furniture ROCHE-BOBOIS, Dijon (Burgundy), March 2011


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