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Ray Tapajna



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Valentine Everyday with Flowers for You that Last Forever by Ray Tapajna makes a wonderful gift for the one you love or all your loved ones.  View  selection of Flowers for You as a print, acrylic, framed art, on canvas, as greeting cards and on metal ready for hanging on the wall.  These are truly flowers that last forever to inspire and refresh your spirit  as a Valentine every day of the year. They offer a healing presence in a hospital room, treatement center, nursing home or waiting room.  See http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites for more of Ray's Living Healing Art and Art that Talks


Ray Tapajna is editor and artist at, Tapart News, Ray Tapajna Live and Arkline Art. His bio is at where you can view his Healing in Blue art with the healing waters actually in motion coming your way.

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Top Newspaper Sunday Magazine story about Ray's Art that Talks is at  See also story about his Healing in Blue Waters being Tumblr Art of the Week   Also has Scripps-Howard Award for a sports illustration. Search under Ray Tapajna Art Author  for more references. See also

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As an advocate for workers dignity and local economies, online since 1998, Ray mixes articles with his topical Art that Talks about news and issues related to the global economy.  For thousands of references and resources, search under , Tapart News, Ray Tapajna Live, tapsearcher, arklineart and Ray Tapajna Living Art.  Search under art title - Clinton Years American Dream Reversed  and you will find millions of references and results.