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Kevin Burnett



Highlight & Statement: 

Pastel Artist


Kevin's art style is best described as pointillism; primitive and expressive work focusing on the psychological role color plays in animating and further defining still-life forms.

He strives for constant tension within the surrounding form, while establishing unity and serenity between color and space. Using still-life objects as reference, a series of spontaneous acrylic strokes on paper are integrated by brush, then areas of color are built up through obscure pastel strikes, giving each color a life of its own.

Recent projects include collaborating with NBA Star Elton Brand's organization C.A.M.P. Inc for an art fundraiser that involved auctioning off a basketball painted by Kevin and signed by Elton Brand. A published article about the artist and his work was featured in "Art Business News".

Through expression, imagination, and gesture, Kevin's goal is to create works of art that speak for themselves.

Selected Exhibitions: 

Artexpo, Gracie Sq. Art show, Washington Sq. Art Exhibit, Artworks Westchester Arts Festival,The Arts Festival at Rockefeller Center, Art Baltimore, Barnes & Noble, Crafts at Lyndhurst, Marriott Corp, School of Visual Arts, Barnes & Noble and Hampton Inn, Summer Hill Gallery, American Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery, Georgia Gallery, and Kyung Lee Gallery.

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