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Jeffrey Thompson



Highlight & Statement: 

In my work I use recycled materials such as newspapers and magazines in combination with traditional media. When complete, the original content is obscured or obliterated. What remains are bare remnants of its former color, shape and tone. I use the grid in my work as a departure point for exploring composition.

Structures related to the grid exist within many art forms. Mosaics, textile and film are some obvious examples, but the grid can also be construed in work as diverse as theatre, music, sculpture and dance. It is the stage, the wall, the screen and the dais upon which many forms of artistic expression depend.


I am a San Francisco based artist, working in the areas of painting, drawing, printmaking and collage. I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of my life. I grew up in Southern California, moved to Northern California in 1971 and finally to San Francisco in 1981. In San Francisco I have lived in Bernal Heights, SOMA, and the outer Mission, finally moving to North Beach in 1989 where, with my wife and family, I have lived and worked for the previous twenty-four years.

Selected Exhibitions: 

Group Show

A.MUSE Gallery
Alex Garcia

Chico Coelho
Elizabeth Amento
Jeffrey Thompson
Theodore Knox

September 15th
614 Alabama Street
San Francisco, California

Metro Art
Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)

New York, New York

Graphic Inspirations
Roll Up Gallery (Public Works)
161 Erie Street

San Francisco, California


North Beach Citizens

2801 Leavenworth Street
San Francisco, California

Color Narrative
Art Magnet
4122 18th Street
San Francisco, California

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