Studios Midwest Artist Residency Application Available

Galesburg, IL


Studios Midwest brings artists to Galesburg, IL to engage and impact the community through creative and collaborative art.  The program works with each artist to create an environment ripe for the emerging trend of art and social practice.  Distinct from modern art of the 20th century, social practice builds on a variety of contemporary art movements while incorporating elements of sociology, anthropology, social work, environmentalism, and community outreach.  In simple terms, the artist(s) will interact with the local population to create a lasting work of art in the community.  Galesburg is your studio!

A Midwestern town of approximately 33,000, Galesburg is a diverse community with many unique populations that will benefit from working with an artist dedicated to social practice.  The artist may choose to partner with local service agencies to reach a population, or may submit his or her own plan to work with a population or the public at large.  Studios Midwest invites professional or graduate level artists of all media to apply.

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Heather Norman

Galesburg Civic Art Center

114 East Main Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



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