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Friday, 30 June 2017 to Wednesday, 16 August 2017
Friday, 30 June 2017 - 5:00pm
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Throughout time, utilitarian tools and nature have been used by people to prosper.  For sculptor, Tara Thacker, these elements have abstract aesthetic appeal.  Dissecting each element, Thacker focuses on the linearity of the overall form and its basic parts.  It is the underlying fluidity of these elements that Tara emphasizes and recreates as elegant works of art. 

Highly tactile and monochromatic, repetition is central to the process. The works begin with a single element, which serve as architectural building blocks, which are then combined in various ways to discover how they interact visually. Thousands of porcelain parts are tied and woven together to create ambiguous surfaces and landscapes. 

Most recently, Thacker has taken her sculptural work as a reference to create two- dimensional pieces.  The shadows cast from the sculptures are captured through photography and made into inkjet prints.  In this way, the idea of linearity is punctuated yet retains the elegance of form.  These prints are enhanced in size, further emphasizing the notion of elegance in simplistic abstract shapes.  A dialogue to the three-dimensional work that retains a quiet appeal. 

Thacker received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and her MFA from the University of Washington in Seattle and has had numerous shows throughout the US.

Thacker’s show at Orth Contemporary will be on view starting June 30th, 2017.  A reception will be held at the gallery from 5:00 until 8:00 p.m.  The artist will be at the opening to meet the pubic and answer questions.  All are welcome to attend.


Other Info: 

Orth Contemporary represents a select number of Nationally and Internationally known artists.  Driven by a strong admiration of art that has the capacity to change the way people see and feel instantly, we focus on artists who stand out in their vision and creative exploration.  The artists we represent create work that is forward thinking, moving viewers  into a realm of visual engagement through creativity.  The work exhibited ranges in medium; from painting and sculpture to photography and new media.  In addition to our represented artists, we also feature project exhibitions by visiting artists from across the Nation.

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Orth Contemporary

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